Easy Takoyaki Recipe with Cast Iron Pan

29 Apr Easy Takoyaki Recipe with Cast Iron Pan



Easy Takoyaki Recipe with Cast Iron Pan

So i came across some instagram pictures of my friends who are traveling to Japan at the moment. I love Japan, especially their street food…they’re not only look cute but also very delicious. ¬†Takoyaki was one of my fav street food in Japan and they’re easy to make. You can buy the takoyaki powder at any Japanese market follow the instruction on the bag or you can also find it on Amazon:


Its quite expensive..if you’re on budget you can follow this recipe to make the batter mix:

-1 cup of all purpose flour

-2 eggs

-3 cup of water

-2 teaspoon of daishi stock granule

-2 teaspoon of soy sauce


YouTube is a great source for you to learn how to turn the balls round and how much batter you need to pour. I have squid as fillings and also deep fried quail egg…and it’s so good.


-Step 1: wait for your cast iron become hot. Pour some oil on top. You can use a brush to have all the oil even on the surface

-Step 2: Pour the batter mix into the pan. Fillings on top.

-Step 3: Wait for them to cook turn golden brown on the bottom, use the pick to turn them around.





Takoyaki balls

-You can enjoy this hot with sriracha sauce and mayo. Takoyaki sauce is optional in my opinion. I love Sriracha sauce so much that i think it could be a substitute for almost everything….:)

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